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municipiul Aiud, sat Sâncrai, Str. Principală, fără număr
Murăş-Sâncraiu (RO)
Sâncraiu-de-Murăş (RO)
Sâncraiu (RO)
Enyedszentkirály (HU)
Marosszentkirály (HU)
Szentkirály (HU)
Königsdorf (DE)
cultural center
2008: Matei Ana, Tăut Oana, Popa Cristina, Vasiliu Alexandru, Crăciun Mădălin
2012: Bărbulescu Raluca, Vasile Carmen
2014: Zoltan Lorincz, Cristian Nemeş
The castle which belonged to the Kemeny family was built in 1805. In 1890 it was bought together with the surrounding domain by the Banffy family, which led to an extension in two separate stages.
Built in renaissance style, perfectly symmetrical to the entrance axis, the castle underwent a first transformation stage in 1890 when the south-west wing and its tower were erected. Both bear the mark of the period they were built in, the late baroque architectural style with neoclassical accents. In the same period the castle received the porticos on the main and secondary facade and the baroque decorated window framings.
The second stage of extension is uncertain, unable to be dated. In this stage the north-east tower, the north-east wing and the whole secondary north wing, were all added, thus changing the general silhouette of the castle.
In 1947, after nationalisation, the castle’s function was changed to a hospital for children with disabilities. The building suffered gave interior and exterior transformations, most of which modified the general aspect of the castle and brought subsequent damages caused by the lack of professionalism of the works undertaken.
In 1997 the castle was abandoned even though it remained in the state’s property. The degradation process continued due to the lack of maintenance and the previous interventions. In the 2000s european funds were accessed to restore the castle and create the Sâncrai Cultural Center. Currently the property is owned by the Council of Alba County and is managed by the Sâncrai Cultural Center.